West Detour Project

The West Detour (formerly "Block A") project consists of two pits with a mineral reserve of 1.8 million ounces of gold (60.9 million tonnes averaging 0.94 g/t).

The Company is currently in the process of permitting the West Detour project. It filed an Environmental Study Report (“ESR”) with provincial authorities at the end of January 2017 and was subsequently notified by one of its Aboriginal partners that it had made a request for a federal environmental assessment process. The Company’s updated life of mine plan, which was filed on March 22, 2017, accommodated the potential timing of a federal process. In September 2017, the Company was notified that the West Detour project would remain under the provincial environmental assessment process. The Company does not intend to change the overall timing for the development of West Detour.

The West Detour project consists of two pits: the North pit containing 187,000 ounces of gold in reserves and the West Detour pit containing reserves of 1.7 million ounces of gold. In the LOM plan (dated March 2017) the development of the North pit is scheduled to start in 2019 using a contractor (at a maximum rate of 7 Mt per year due to the small size of the pit). The development of the West Detour pit is scheduled to commence in 2025, ramping up to a maximum mining rate of 35 Mt per year. It assumes initial contractor pre-stripping followed by a combination of small equipment and shared usage of the Detour Lake pit fleet. The Company contemplates using the West Detour pit, once depleted, for tailings and/or waste rock deposition.

West Detour Permitting

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