Our People

Detour Gold strives to be an employer of choice through providing a safe and respectful work environment free from discrimination. We offer competitive compensation and benefit packages which include long-term savings options, life insurance, and health benefits. Detour Gold also allows for special cultural leave and subsidizes parental leave for new mothers.

Detour Gold’s workforce is made up of a team of 1035 individuals: 988 employees based at the Detour Lake mine site and in our regional office in Cochrane and 47 employees at the corporate office in Toronto. We also have a large contractor labour pool made up of approximately 500 individuals.

Detour Gold values the diverse experiences and perspectives of our employees and commits to providing them with a safe and respectful work environment characterized by openness, diversity and equal opportunity.

Health and Safety

Detour Gold makes health and safety a priority in everything we do. Detour’s Health and Safety Policy is to empower our workers to not only follow regulations but also promote a safety culture. We focus on assessment of risks, open communication and continual improvement through our daily inspections, monthly Joint Health and Safety Meetings and ongoing innovation.

Detour Gold’s Health and Safety management system is assessed annually, and areas of growth and improvement are prioritized. Our Health and Safety Policy sets out clear principles for fostering a positive safety climate, including establishing performance targets, and providing our workforce with the training needed to perform their tasks safely.

We have identified the following organizational factors as contributing to our TRIFR, and have committed to improvement in these areas:

  • Training
  • Procedures
  • Maintenance Management

In 2019, our goal is to achieve a reduction in our 12-month rolling TRIFR on a monthly basis.

DGC & Contractor TRIFR YTD graph

TRIFR: total recordable injury frequency rate per 200,000 hours worked.

Women In Mining

We are proud of the strong women in our workforce. Although only 10% of Detour Gold’s workforce are women, they are a growing force within the company, and we are actively seeking ways to promote their interests and support their career development opportunities. Detour Gold is also an active supporter of the Aboriginal Women In Mining program.

site workforce by gender
corporate workforce by gender

Indigenous Employment & Training

The Detour Lake mine is located on the traditional lands of the Cree, Algonquin and Métis people. Indigenous employees at the Detour Lake mine comprised 21% of the workforce as of December 31, 2018, compared to the Ontario mining industry average of 11.2%.

As per our agreements with our Indigenous partners, we work to maximize Indigenous participation at the Detour Lake mine. To foster growth and capacity, we provide scopes of work to our Indigenous partners in advance of issuing an open request for proposals to a wider pool of potential contractors.

Our Indigenous training program included support for seven individuals from our Indigenous partner communities to work towards their trade certification of heavy-duty mechanics and industrial millwright mechanics. In 2018, two individuals achieved their certification. The program was available to both new hires and to individuals that have been with Detour Gold for several years. In addition to the focus on trades, one individual completed Detour Gold’s Indigenous supervisory training program in 2018, an initiative which provides opportunities for Indigenous staff members to grow and obtain leadership roles within the company.