Detour Gold’s environmental management team is represented at both the Detour Lake mine site and at its corporate headquarters, in Toronto. Working together, the team ensures our operations meet government regulations and that our activities are planned and managed to minimize the potential impacts to water, land and air. Our team at the mine site includes three First Nations environmental monitors, representing our Aboriginal partner communities.

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy guides our activities and includes a commitment to:

  • Comply with laws and regulations
  • Communicate on key topics
  • Develop and implement an environmental management system (EMS)
  • Provide environmental training
  • Design for minimal environmental impacts
  • Integrate biodiversity
  • Promote efficient energy use


Air quality is an important focus for us at Detour Gold. Good air quality is key for ensuring human and environmental health. We have been monitoring air quality at our accommodation camps (Sagimeo Lodge and Little Hopper Lodge) and tracking our greenhouse gas emissions since 2013.

Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions (t CO₂ₑ) graph


The Detour Lake mine and proposed West Detour project are located on a historic mine site, or “brownfield” at the northern edge of the Canadian Shield, surrounded by a vast black spruce forest and many ponds, lakes and muskegs.

Detour Gold has undertaken several environmental assessments, at both the provincial and federal level, within which we employ the precautionary principle by predicting and planning for worse case scenarios.

In 2017, Detour Gold undertook a closure planning update, dubbed “Healing the Land” which included ongoing Mine Review Committee meetings with our Aboriginal partners and regulators, as well as community surveys and technical studies relating to long term remediation efforts.

Detour Gold has a long term partnership with the University of Guelph and the University of Waterloo to support field research on habitat restoration and mine rock management. We are committed to compensate for the lost habitat resulting from our operations.


The area surrounding the Detour Lake mine is filled with many natural water sources. Many of our facilities and activities are within watershed areas that hold a vast network of creeks and lakes, with an underlying groundwater resource. We continue to improve and refine our site wide water balance, which tracks and predicts the quantity and movement of water throughout the Detour Lake mine.

Our water management strategy is comprised of four key areas:

  • Minimizing our fresh water intake
  • Maximizing the amount of water recycled
  • Only using as much as we need
  • Discharging water in accordance with our permit conditions
Process Plant Water Use in m³ graph