What makes Detour Gold an excellent choice?

Detour Gold is becoming an employer of choice and building a diverse and inclusive workforce of highly talented and motivated people. We are an equal employment opportunity employer offering a range of exciting and rewarding careers in a variety of disciplines. We strive to maximize local employment in the communities surrounding the mine operation and with our Indigenous partners.

What Do We Offer?

What We’re All About

In 2015 we undertook a mission and values exercise company wide. Key contributors at all levels of the organization provided their input and helped to develop our Mission and Values. Together, these unite every employee in every department toward a common purpose.

Our core values reflect who we are, what we do every day at work or at home with a commitment to SAFETY.

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Our Mission and Values

getting it right value respected

getting it right value engaged

getting it right value accountable

getting it right value commited

getting it right value honest