Detour Gold Corporation is committed to good corporate governance and continuously researches best practices to ensure that we remain compliant with regulatory bodies.

The Detour Board of Directors is comprised of nine directors who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. A Board Mandate sets out the duties and responsibilities of the Board to ensure that the Company conducts its business and affairs ethically and in accordance with corporate governance practices. Mandates have also been developed for each of the Board committees. Mandates are reviewed annually and revised if required.

Detour Gold is committed to transparent communication with our stakeholders and partners and as such the Company adheres to its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Whistleblower Policy and Disclosure, Confidentiality and Insider Trading Policy, which are reviewed annually and updated as needed. For a more comprehensive discussion of Detour Gold’s approach to Corporate Governance, as well as the activities of its Board committees, refer to the Company’s most recently filed Management Information Circular.

Management Information Circular